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We at Southern Fryed Radio are looking for more than individuals or business for more than traditional advertising. We’re looking for partnerships that are mutually beneficial for your business and our station. We want to help you brand your business while at the same time promoting our station with you, all at a price you cannot find with traditional media. Partnerships help by introducing your business to other businesses’ customers while introducing your customers to their business.

How do we do it? It’s simple. We don’t have the massive overhead of traditional media. No presses, no buildings, no massive studios. Our on-air personalities are all volunteers who do this for the love of sharing their visions with the world. They come from all over with a wide range of musical backgrounds, comedic talents, and opinions.

And we’ll work with you on a three pronged approach to brand your business. We can do traditional on air advertising, targeted links on the webpage, and if you’re in the central Illinois area then we do live remotes to draw the audience to your business.

Be aware that Southern Fryed Radio is an internet radio station. We’re more adult oriented than you’ll find on either your AM or FM dial. If you own a toy store, we’re probably not for you. But if you want to target the 18-34 range, then we’re your price effective outlet. Also, being an internet radio station, we have a great interest in promoting your online business. We have listeners from around the world and we can help you reach an audience that varies in locations.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the Southern Fryed Radio Family, give Justin a call at 217-883-3023 and find out how advertising with us can work for you.

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