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SouthernFryedRadio Schedule
~~ All times are Central time
+++Add 1-hr for Eastern time
--- Subtract 2-hrs for Pacific time
+++ Add 6-hrs for UK time
~~🪦The Graveyard Shift w/Webs 2am-6am🪦
~~🌋Wake n Bake w/Rhyno 6am-8am🌋
~~🐻The Grizzly Bar w/GrizzlyLongCut 8am-11am🐻
~~🦺The Safety Meeting 2.0 w/Small 11am-3pm🦺
~~🚚The Salvage Yard w/Junkman 3pm-5pm🚚
~~🍄The Buzz w/The Rhyno's 5pm-7pm🍄
🛸🛸🛸 Extreme UnderGround w/Metal-Myke 7pm-10pm🛸🛸
~~~~~~💻Open Slot 10pm-2am💻

~~~~~~~~~~ Tuesday~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~🪦The Graveyard Shift w/Webs 2am-6am🪦
~~🌋Wake n Bake w/Rhyno 6am-11am🌋
~~☄️The UnderGround w/Dj_Storm 11am-2pm☄️
~~🌎Rockin Ya From Reno w/Cbass 2pm-7pm🌎
~~~~~~💻Open Slot 7pm-?💻

~~~~~~~~~~ Wednesday~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~🪦The Graveyard Shift w/Webs 2am-6am🪦
~~🌋Wake n Bake w/Rhyno 6am-9am🌋
~~☕️ The Coffee Break w/Rick 9am-☕️
~~🦺The Safety Meeting 2.0 w/Small 11am-3pm🦺
~~~~~🚇Open Slot 3pm-5pm🚇
~~🚚The Salvage Yard w/Junkman 5pm-7pm🚚
~~~~~😶‍🌫️Open Slot 7pm-?😶‍🌫️

~~🪦 The Graveyard Shift w/Webs 2-5am🪦
~~🌋 Wake n Bake w/Rhyno 5am-9am🌋
~~☄️ The UnderGround w/Dj_Storm 9am-2pm☄️
~~🫥 Open Slot 2pm-5pm🫥
~~🎧 Mrs.Rhyno's Rock out 5pm-8pm🎧
~~🥅🏒 In The Box W/Hockyplr 8pm-?🏒🥅

~~The Graveyard Shift w/Webs 2am-6am
~~🌋 Wake n bake w/Rhyno 6am-8am🌋
~~⚡️ Thunderbolt Cafe w/Tbolt 8am-10am⚡️
~~☄️The UnderGround w/Dj_Storm 10am-2pm☄️
~~🌎Rockin Ya From Reno w/CBass 2pm-7pm🌎
~~~~~~🔥 Open Slot 7pm-?🔥
~~The Graveyard Shift w/Webs 2am-6am
~~🦅The Eagle's Nest w/SteelPick 6am-9am🦅
~~🍺The Beer Show W/Fill 9am-2pm🍺
~~🎧Mrs.Rhyno's Rock Out 2pm-6pm🎧
~~🥓The Stoners Sanctuary w/Hipperz 6pm-12am🥓

~~~~~⏰open slot 5am-8am⏰
~~🍺The Beer Show W/Fill 8am-12pm🍺
~~🐻The Grizzly Bar w/GrizzlyLongCut 12pm-3pm🐻
~~🦺The Safety Meeting 2.0 w/Small 3pm-6pm🦺
~~🌎 Rockin Ya From Reno w/Cbass 6pm-12am🌎

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